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Negotiation and Conflict Management


This course is an Honours Class and therefore only available for students of an honours college

Enrolling in this course is possible until the 15th of November, using the link at ‘registration’ during this period.


A society without conflicts is an Utopia! Every day you are introduced to small or complex disputes on different social levels in the world. Conflicts and the way we deal with them play an important part of our personal and professional life. Not only our personal skills are important in dealing with these complex situations. Also understanding of the development of the process and recognition of other aspects which play an important role in solving difficult disagreements will help you to achieve better results.

This honours class will introduce you in the science and practice of dispute resolution and negotiation on different social levels (international, business and personal). You will learn to analyze different conflicts and will be able to train and expand your skills.


Thu. February 4: Introduction on conflictmanagement
Thu. February 18: Negotiation and simulation
Thu. March 3: Mutual Gains Approach with guest lectures by mr. F. Evers and prof. L. Susskind (MIT)
Thu. March 17: Mediation (workshop)
Thu. March 24: Mediation (workshop)
Thu. April 7: Roleplay

Note: Dates could change because of guest speakers.


Group 1: Thursday 4, 18 February, 3, 17, 24 March, 7 April; 17:00 – 21:00 hrs (dinner not included)
Group 2: Thursday 19, 26 May, 2, 9, 16, 23 June; 17:00 – 21:00 hrs (dinner not included)
Note: Dates could change (in consultation with students) because of guest speakers.


De Oude Sterrewacht / Old Observatory, Sterrenwachtlaan 11, Leiden

Assessment method

Paper, preparation for simulations and roleplays

Maximum number of students





Enrolling in this course is possible until 15 November via this link .


Mw. mr. dr. Wendy Versteeg