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Beschrijving niet-westerse taal III: Taalstructuur en culturele context: Ambon-Maleis



Propedeuse Taalwetenschap, Propedeuse South and South East Asian Studies


Trade Malay has been used as a lingua franca in the Indonesian archipelago for many centuries and has developed into different local varieties. One of these varieties is Ambon Malay, the variety spoken on Ambon island in the Moluccas in Eastern Indonesia and the Moluccan immigrant communities in the Netherlands.
This course presents an introduction to the history of Ambon Malay. We first discuss the position of this Malay variety within the larger Austronesian family and its so-called status as a creole language. We investigate typical features of the grammar and lexicon of Ambon Malay, noting similarities as well as differences with other Malay varieties as spoken in Indonesia. In addition, we compare the Ambon Malay variety that is spoken as heritage language of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands, to see how the heritage language has diverged from the variety spoken in the homeland Ambon.


  1. Basic knowledge of Ambon Malay phonology, grammar and lexicon and its position in the Austronesian language family
    1. Awareness of the specific cultural, and socio-historical context of the language as spoken in Ambon and in the Netherlands
    2. Knowledge about the type of innovations that occurred in heritage Malay of the Netherlands
    3. Learn about methodologies to investigate ongoing change in the heritage language of an immigrant society




Hoorcollege i.c.m. werkcollege


208 uur Een korte berekening van de studielast, uitgesplitst naar:
10 ec = 208 hours
Lectures: 26 hours
Read literature, make assignments: 120
Prepare oral presentation: 20
Write final essay: 114


Oral presentation: 50 %
Final essay: 50%


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The readings will be provided through Blackboard at the beginning of the course.


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