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Quantum Dynamics of Chemical Reactions (QRD)


Quantum Dynamics of Chemical Reactions
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We discuss how cross sections and probabilities for reaction can be calculated quantum mechanically for chemical reactions, based on three examples (two-dimensional model of the gas phase reaction A + BC → AB + C, photodissociation of a tri-atomic molecule, and the dissociation of a diatomic molecule on a surface). Subjects include: the scattering boundary conditions, the time-dependent and the time-independent Schrödinger equation, the stationary and the time-dependent wave function, the wave packet method, the choice of the initial wave packet, the propagation of the time-dependent wave function, the representation of the wave function and the action of the Hamiltonian operator on the wave function, and the asymptotic analysis. We also discuss several applications of the theory.

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Theoretical chemistry 1


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Biennual course. This course will be given in the course year 2016-2017.