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Thematic Course Latin American Cultural Analysis


Admission requirements

Advanced level in Spanish (C1-C2). Students with an advanced knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese and a passive knowledge (reading and oral comprehension) of Spanish will be accepted.

This course can be done for 5 or 10 ects. Please consult with the teacher


The Body in Latin American Art and Literature

Throughout the 20th Century, literature, art and cinema have created new ways of talking about the body –and from- bodily experience. When we talk about subjectivity, everything starts with the recognition of a corporal entity differentiated of others. The constitution of these differences, the markers which codify a body, and subjectivity in general are our interest in this course. The body is at the same time a place from which identities and subject-positions are constructed, and at the same time it can be an object to dominate and control. Questions about gender, about the human vs the animal, about life vs death are topics we are dealing with. We will see Latin American texts, performances and films which allow us to reflect on the body in dialogue with theories as well as Latin American contexts.

How do we relate with the female or the male body, the “Other”, the grotesque, ill or dead bodies? What is human life? These are questions that travel along with us in the texts we will be analyzing this semester. The students will take an active part in the program of the course, in the giving of classes themselves, and in making a blog of this course.

Course objectives

To develop students’ critical and analytical skill through close reading of a wide range of texts (written and visual);
To provide an insight into a variety of critical approaches around the theme discussed.
Develop students’ critical and analytical skills and presentation skills.



Method of Instruction

Lectures and Seminars

Course Load

For those students who follow the course for 5 EC:

5 × 28= 140 hours
3 ×13 c.u.= 39 hours class
preparation for:
30h class presentation:
15 review
15 hcomment
Reading literature 40h

For those students who follow the course for 10 EC:

10× 28= 280 hours
3 ×13 c.u.= 39 hours class
preparation for:
50h class presentation:
15 review
15 hcomment
(Extra) Reading literature 80h
Final paper (5000 words): 80h

Assessment method

For 5 ECTS: class presentation (10%), summary in post (40%), review (20%), comment (30%)

For 10 ECTs: class presentation (10%), review (10%), comment (20%), final paper (40%)

Resit: trabajo final


Blackboard passive role, Blog active role.

Reading list

To be announced in the first class.


Register via uSis.

Contact information

Dr. N.Timmer


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