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Advanced Medicinal Chemistry (AMC)


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Core course in MSc Chemistry – Chemical Biology, elective course MSc Chemistry, MSc Life Science and Technology


The course introduces the students to the theory and methods of medicinal chemistry and its role in drug discovery.
The aims are:
1) to raise students’ interest & enthusiasm for the field of medicinal chemistry & drug discovery.
2) to give an introduction of the most important concepts and methods used in rational drug design and their application in drug discovery in relation to (molecular) pharmacology, toxicology and structural biology.
3) to give the student sufficient background to interpret structure-activity relationships and fundamental principles governing the molecular interactions of a drug with its target.
4) to introduce the latest developments and insights in the field of medicinal chemistry & drug discovery.
5) to allow students to solve problems that are rooted the biological domain with chemical tools, which are found and optimized through a medicinal chemistry approach.


Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development, 1e druk

Assessment method

Written exam

Expected Background

Basic knowledge of protein structure and of organic chemistry.