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Biomolecular Structures (BIMS)


Biomolecular Structures
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Core course in MSc Chemistry – Chemical Biology, MSc Life Science and Technology, elective course MSc Chemistry


The course introduces the students to the methods of structure determination of biomacromolecules: X-ray diffraction of crystals, Electron Microscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The aims are:
1) to give an introduction of the methods (physical principles, implementation, raw data, analysis, modelling)
2) to give the student sufficient background to interpret molecular models critically on the basis of the standard quality parameters,
3) to make the student aware of the possibilities and limitations of the various methods and
4) to introduce the latest developments and insights in the field of structural biology (e.g. free electron laser for nanocrystallography, structure determination of minor states by NMR, high resolution cryo-EM).



Assessment method

Written exam

Expected Background

Basic knowledge of protein and nucleic acid structure, and of spectroscopy.