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Spectroscopy (SP)


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Core course in MSc Chemistry – Energy & Sustainability, elective course MSc Chemistry, MSc Life Science and Technology

Admission requirements

Theoretical Chemistry 1 or an equivalent course


Spectroscopy is a collective term for scientific techniques that investigate the interaction of matter with radiation. In this course the general principles of spectroscopy are explained and the student will learn to correlate spectroscopic data with the quantum mechanical description and the symmetry of the material investigated. The main topics that will be discussed are group theory, vibrational spectroscopy and electronic spectroscopy.


Thomas Engel, Philip Reid, “Physical Chemistry”, Pearson New International Edition, 3rd Edition |978-1-292-02224-6 ; and Alan Vincent, “Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory”, 2nd Edition | 978-0-471-48939-9.

Assessment method

Written exam