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Theory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties (TSMP)


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Elective course in the MSc Chemistry


Modern Quantum Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry 1

Examination Presentation or oral exam


The course covers the quantum mechanical details of spectroscopy and molecular property calculations. The main topics are:

  • Time-independent perturbation theory

  • Static molecular properties as energy derivatives

  • Time-dependent perturbation theory and dynamic properties

  • Fermi’s Golden Rule

  • Maxwell’s Equations

  • Radiation-matter interactions

  • Minimal coupling Hamiltonian

  • Electric-dipole approximation and optical transitions

  • Magnetic dipole and higher multipole transitions

  • Introduction to time-dependent self-consistent field theory


G.C. Schatz, M.A. Ratner, Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry; J.L. McHale, Molecular Spectroscopy, R.E. Moss, Advanced Molecular Quantum Mechanics; handout

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