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Astronomical Observing Techniques



Nowadays, astronomical observations are increasingly demanding in terms of sensitivity, image contrast, field of view, stability and calibrations, pushing telescopes and instrumentation closer and closer to their limits. Meaningful results require a careful understanding of the technologies and equipment that is being used. This course provides a general overview of most aspects that are relevant to observational astronomy, covering both the underlying physical principles and the technical concepts. In addition, the theoretical concepts of image signal processing are being discussed and practical exercises will be done.


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Recommended books (NOT required): – Observational Astrophysics, by Pierre Lena, 3rd edition, 2012, published by Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-21814-9 – Astrophysical Techniques, by C.R.Kitchin, 5th edition 2008, published by Institute of Physics Publishing, ISBN 978-1420082432


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Schriftelijk op 9 januari 2015, zie ook het Tentamenrooster.

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Docent: Prof.dr. C.U. (Christoph) Keller
Assistenten: Emiel Por en Stefanie Heijkamp

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