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The goal of the internship is to allow the student to gain experience as a working statistician through the course of an internship of 7-8 weeks. The internship environments should mirror a future working environment that could be expected of a graduate from the Statistical Science master program.

A student may start the internship under the following conditions:

  • The student has obtained at least 48 EC of compulsory courses.

  • The internship location must be accepted by the scientific coordinator of our program Prof. dr. J. J. Meulman.

  • The internship agreement form should be completed and signed by the scientific coordinator and first supervisor before the start of the internship.

The duration of the internship may not exceed 10 EC ( ~ 8 weeks of full time employment ) which
includes the writing of the internship report. The internship report contains the following elements:

  • A short general description of the location where the internship was performed (500 words)

  • A general description of the activities performed during the internship (max 1000 words)

  • A description of the generic skills acquired or strengthened (max 1000 words)

  • An explicit example of a project that has been done during the internship:

    • a report from a consultation or assignment
    • a presentation (ppt of pdf)
  • A conclusion (max 500 words)

This document together with the evaluation of the intern supervisor will set the grade for the internship.

Issues concerning both the internship and Master’s thesis:

  • During the Master’s thesis and Internship the student should on average have 1 contact hour per week with her of his first supervisor. If the first-supervisor is not available during a period of time, the first supervisor is responsible for finding a temporary well informed replacement. The student should have at least 3 contact hours, during the whole project, with her or his second-supervisor.

  • The student needs to inform the first supervisor and scientific coordinator about courses or retakes of exams that need to be taken during the time of the internship and these should be indicated on the relevant agreement form.

  • If there are good reasons for extending the duration of the Master’s thesis beyond the 20 weeks and the Internship beyond the 8 weeks limit, this should be communicated to the scientific coordinator at least three weeks before the end of the internship. The decision for granting the prolonged internship is with the scientific coordinator.