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Topics in Chinese Linguistics


Admission requirements



In this course, Chinese and Western traditions in Chinese linguistics are explored and compared, providing thematic and disciplinary backgrounds for the study of Chinese languages and dialects. Close reading of Chinese linguistics texts, both in Chinese and in English, will be combined with assignments on the subjects discussed in these texts. The course involves two contact hours per week, conducted in English, and requires at least four hours of preparation per contact hour, not counting
other assessment activities such as individual presentations.

Course objectives

To further increase the students’ abilities in reading scholarly texts in Chinese (printed in simplified & traditional characters) and in English on Chinese and general linguistics, script, and language education; to expand the relevant technical vocabulary in Chinese and in English; to analyze complex academic arguments; to compare different scholarly positions on the same issue; to presenting oral and written summaries in English of (parts of) the texts; to actively participate in group discussions in English; and to gradually build up
reading speed.


Check the timetable on the departmental website.

Mode of instruction

Reading course, seminar.

Assessment method

  • written assignments (40%)

  • oral presentation (20%)

  • term paper (40%)

Reading list

The texts are selected from a broad spectrum in Chinese and general linguistics, including phonology, syntax, morphology, lexicology,
lexicography, grammatology, etymology, dialect geography, sociolinguistics, the history of linguistics in and outside China, and language education. In the second half of the semester, the choice of texts can be adapted to group interests.


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Contact information

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