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Advanced Modern Chinese: Writing


Admission requirements

The course is taught in Mandarin. Students must have a prior level of Mandarin at least equivalent to HSK 5. They must also meet all entry requirements for the MA in Chinese Studies.


This course is composed of three parts: before class tasks, class activities and after-class tasks. Before class tasks include analyses of sample texts, such as commenting on the structure, format, style, and vocabulary of a sample text. Class activities include discussion of sample texts and students’ written works, discussion of writing styles and formats, pattern exercises, group/individual writing. After-class tasks include reading text samples and completion of writing assignments, for instance, commenting on or revising text samples of other students’ work. After-class tasks are internet-based: text samples are retrieved and assignments are handed in via Blackboard.

A personal portfolio for each student will record students’ writing output during this semester. In addition, students have to hand in two writing assignments (CV with biography and cover letter, and a research proposal).

Students are also expected to prepare adequately and to contribute actively.

Course objectives

  • Help MA students currently at a high-intermediate level to develop Chinese writing skills for specific purposes, i.e., writing of research reports, application letters, curriculum vitae, comments and summaries. The focus lies on academic writing skills.

  • Familiarize students with common genres and styles of written Chinese.


Registration through uSis is compulsory. No registration, means no admission to attend this course.
Check the timetable on the departmental website.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Before class tasks (30%)
After-class tasks (40%)
Final exam (30%)


Yes. For enrollment,visit the website Blackboard .

Reading list

Teaching materials will be distributed during the term.


Register through uSis.

Contact information

Lecturer: Mrs Y. Wang