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Modern Chinese reading/writing


Admission requirements

The course is taught in Mandarin. Students must have a prior level of Mandarin at least equivalent to HSK 4. They must also meet all entry requirements for the MA in Chinese Studies.


Course requirements will include before class tasks, class activities, two short essays, and a final exam.
Before class tasks include comprehension and preparation for vocabulary and grammar and will be submitted via Google Docs.
Class activities include intensive reading, extensive reading and writing exercises.
Students are required to read two to three texts before each session and discuss those materials during the class.
Students are also required to write two short essays in the whole semester. Writing styles and format will be discussed.
Students are expected to be thoroughly prepared and to contribute actively.

Course objectives

  • Help MA students currently at a high-intermediate level to develop their skills by reading large amounts of varied, authentic materials, and writing short essays with reference to the said materials.


Check the timetable on the departmental website.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Before class tasks 25%
Essays 20%
Class activities 20% (3 times of absence without prior notice will count as 0.)
Final exam (reading comprehension) 35%


Yes. For enrollment,visit the website Blackboard

Reading list

Authentic language materials will be distributed during the term.


Register through uSis.

Contact information

Mrs. Wang Ying-Ting MA