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Introduction to the Ancient Greek Dialects


Admission requirements

Basic knowledge of classical Greek


This course has two aims: (1) to read a representative selection of the oldest alphabetic Greek dialect inscriptions, with special attention for the differences with literary Greek; (2) to give an introduction to the main problems regarding the historical filiation of the Greek dialects. The course can be taken by BA and MA students (the latter have to complete an extra assignment to get their credits).

Course objectives

At the end of this course, the student has knowledge of: – The various Greek dialects, their geographic location, and date of attestation – The most important phonological and morphological difference between the various dialects
The student can judge: – theories about the historical filiation of the main dialectal groups – peculiarities in the use of dialect alphabets.
The student is able to interpret and contextualize secondary literature about (and commentaries on) Greek dialectal texts.


Time and date on which the course is offered or a link to the website.

Mode of instruction

2-hour weekly seminar

Assessment method

Written exam. MA students will be required to complete additional assignments.



Reading list

C.D. Buck, The Greek Dialects (Duckworth 2003).
S. Colvin, A historical Greek Reader. Mycenaean to the Koine (Oxford 2007).
Handouts (to be dsitributed in class)


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