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Modern Chinese Oral/Aural Proficiency A


Admission requirements

The course is taught in Mandarin. Students must have a prior level of Mandarin at least equivalent to new HSK 5 (old HSK 6) or TOCFL level 4. They must also meet all entry requirements for the MA in Chinese Studies.


Class activities include listening comprehension, group discussion, oral presentations and interviews with native speakers.
Students are required to give oral presentations and host the discussion during the semester. They are also expected to be thoroughly prepared and to contribute actively.

Course objectives

  • Help MA students currently at a high-intermediate level to develop their oral/aural proficiency by working with authentic audio materials that are related to the reading/writing course;

  • Train students in how to give oral presentations in their research field, with special attention to fluency, vocabulary and familiarity with IT resources.


First semester, two hours per week.
Check the timetable on the departmental website.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • Class listening comprehension and oral assignment 30%

  • Oral presentation 40%

  • Final exam (listening comprehension) 30%


Yes; for enrollment: Blackboard pagina. Then click on: courses > Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen > Chinastudies > 2012-2013 > Registreer/enroll.

Reading list

Teaching materials will be distributed during the term.


Registration through uSis is compulsory. No registration means no admission to this course. See also ‘Aanmeldprocedures voor colleges en tentamens’ for registration deadlines and more information on (un)registering for courses and exams.

Contact information

Mrs. Wang Ying-Ting MA: