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The PRC's Political System



China’s political system is often seen as something of a “black box” – opaque, impenetrable, and enigmatic. How is policy made? Who is involved? This course intends to shed light upon People’s Republic of China (PRC) politics by tracing the evolution of China’s political system from 1976 onwards and questioning what this may mean for the future. Through both historically and thematically arranged lessons we will attempt to uncover the key structures, processes, and personalities that shape Chinese politics.

Course objectives

Above all this course intends to give students a better understanding of the politics and governance of the PRC. This will involve examinations of:

  • The foundation of the PRC’s political system

  • How the system has evolved over different generations of leadership

  • How the system has both enabled and been shaped by China’s economic success

  • Potential challenges and answers
    In addition, students will display professional, persuasive, and lucid writing, presentation, and discussion skills.


See timetable on the website of Chinastudies.
There is no class on Tuesday the 19th of Feb.

Mode of instruction

Lecture and Seminar
Please note that this course will be taught and graded in English.

Assessment method

20% Quizzes
10% Attendance and Participation
30% Seminar activities
40% Final essay


Yes, Blackboard will be used in this course for the course guide, announcements, assignments, etc.

Reading list

Extensive and varied. See blackboard.


Registration through uSis.

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