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Advanced Psycho-diagnostics in Children and Adolescents


Admission requirements

Master students of Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Additonal information
Satisfactory completion of the course is necessary to start with the internship.


This Masters-level course provides education and training in the psycho diagnostic process of children with cognitive and social-emotional problems. It builds upon the 2nd year Bachelors course in Psycho-diagnostics and Psychometrics.

This Master course focuses on an integration of the various diagnostic processes, by emphasizing the different stages in the psychodiagnostic process:

  • intake/ interview

  • developing hypotheses

  • selecting criteria and materials (tests, questionnaires, observations etc.) for hypothesis testing

  • testing the child

  • integrating the data

Integrated diagnostic skills will be developed through:

  • training practical skills

  • testing

  • scoring and interpretation of test data

  • demonstration and use of the various diagnostic tools

  • practical training in anamnesis and social-interactive skills (with parents, children)

  • report writing

  • testing children at their homes

Various case histories supported with video demonstrations will be used to introduce the various psycho-diagnostic problem domains to the student. Students will be given the opportunity to experience the diagnostic process through participation in and observation of various diagnostic activities.

Course objectives

The main objectives of this course are:

  • Students will acquire advanced knowledge of the psycho diagnostic processes.

  • Students will acquire skills necessary for various stages in the diagnostic process (from intake to integration of findings)


Advanced Psycho-diagnostics in Children and Adolescents (2011-2012):

Mode of instruction

  • Plenary lectures

  • (smaller) workgroups

  • Guest speakers

Assessment method

  • Verbal examinations, integration of theory and practice.

  • One written case report

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Information on

Reading list

For Dutch Speaking Students:

  • Kievit, Th., Tak, J.A., Bosch, J.D. (2008, 7e druk) (Eds.). Handboek psychodiagnostiek voor de hulpverlening aan kinderen. Utrecht: de Tijdstroom.

  • Pameijer, N.K., Beukering, J.T.E. van (2004). Handelingsgerichte diagnostiek: een praktijkmodel voor diagnostiek en advisering bij onderwijsleerproblemen. Leuven: Acco.

  • Verschueren, K & Koomen, H. (2007). Handboek Diagnostiek in de leerlingbegeleiding. Antwerpen-Apeldoorn: Garant

For English Speaking Students:

  • Cohen, R.J. & Swerdlik, M.E. (2010). Psychological testing and assessment: An introduction to tests and measurement, (7th Edition). Boston, MA: McGraw Hill Higher Education

  • Various articles which will be announced later on Blackboard.

Master’s introduction and enrolment day

Make a reservation in your agenda so you will not miss any information that you will need during your master’s programme MSc in Psychology. Please consult the Agenda master meetings

Contact information

Drs. E. Bohnen
Contact via secretary room 3B48
Phone +31 71 5273644