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Strategy Formation & Implementation


This course is about how to set the overall strategy within the competitive environment. Integrating the specialist perspectives of operations, marketing, human resources and finance, this course takes a holistic perspective on what explains superior performance of a business. In this course, we learn to better understand the contexts and processes that influence strategic positioning and corporate development. In doing so, we will analyze and practice methods to design competitive and cooperative strategies to achieve superior performance. Concepts, case studies and material based on current business events allow for special emphasis on the generation of new insights and practical approaches.


  1. An ability to identify opportunities, describe business contexts and critically evaluate current strategies.
  2. A deep understanding of the setting of overall strategy for the enterprise.
  3. Actionable knowledge of strategic management and how to effectively align of organizational processes to attain superior profitability.
  4. Skills to conceptualize and implement strategies and thus enabling companies to create and capture value.

The use of case studies, illustrations from current business events, and interactive settings, will create awareness of how leading international businesses are confronting and resolving the trade-offs related to strategic management.