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Thesis Research Project


Course Contents Students of the MSc Industrial Ecology have to select, depending on their interest and background, a research topic in deliberation with staff members of one or more of the involved research groups. The student has to work independently on a research project. The work deals with the following aspects: – Literature study, problem formulation and planning – Practical and theoretical work in one of the research groups, including interpretation and evaluation of the results – Oral and written presentation of the work
The information on research topics is available at BlackBoard or available via the Programme Coordinator.

Course Contents Continuation Students can select, depending on their interest and background, one of the following graduation specialisations. The choice for a graduation specialisation has to be taken in deliberation with the the graduation professor. The work on the MSc thesis may include an internship in a company or an institute outside the university.examination committee.
– Industrial ecology – integrated systems analysis
– Industrial ecology – technological systems innovation
– Industrial ecology – organisation and transition management
For more information, contact the Track Coordinators.

Study Goals Students show in their final research project that they are qualified and able to perform a research in the Industrial Ecology field. In this work they are supervised by staff members of the involved research groups.
The students: – have to read and understand international literature of a specific topic. – are able to work independently on an academic level in a R&D environment. – are able to work in an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of experts – are able to present his/her results in English by means of a presentation to a professional audience and by means of a written scientific report

Education Method Research

Literature and Study Materials Provided by the research group or to be found by the students, relevant to the research topic.

Prerequisites The graduation work can only be started after 75 ECTS of the IE programme is obtained and the students have at least successfully finished the following modules: – IE3620, Interdisciplinary Project Groups – IE3910, Thesis Preparation Module
Exceptions to this rule can be discussed with the Board of Examiners.

Assessment Report and presentation

Remarks The instructiors mentioned for this course are the programme coordinator and track coordinators, they can provide the student with relevant information.
Location Leiden, Delft