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Interdisciplinary Project Groups


Course Contents In this course, the students do a group project on a real-industrial ecology problem. By problem-oriented education, the students are trained to cooperate with various disciplines and come up with industrial/practical solutions. Groups are formed out of the IE students during the 1st year, based on their preferences for one of the available project topics. Topics are prepared in deliberation with staff members of the involved universities and commissioners from external parties.

Study Goals Showing the capability to integrate various kinds of knowledge into solutions to Industrial Ecology problems. The project is carried out by following the manual steps.
The result of the project should specifically show – the analysis of the solution regarding environmental impacts – the implications of the solution regarding sustainable design and innovation – the implementation of the solution in a societal or organisational context

Education Method Project work in groups of 4-6 students

Literature and Study Materials Manual, describing the several stages of the project. Literature to be provided by the supervisor, or to be found by the students relevant for the topic.

Prerequisites The course is only open for students that are admitted to the MSc Programme Industrial Ecology and that
have finished successfully at least 40 EC of the Core Modules of the 1st year. Exceptions can be discussed with the Director of Education.

Location Leiden and Delft