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Hebrew Bible and its Reception


Admission requirements

In addition to the general rules set out for admission, students are expected to have a good knowledge of Biblical Hebrew, Old Testament exegesis, and Koine Greek.


The Greek version of the book of Isaiah is an exciting part of the Septuagint produced in the second century BC because compared to the Hebrew text (MT and Qumran) it is characterized by remarkable divergencies. The course will focus its attention to a special feature of LXX Isaiah, i.e., the way a number of comparisons have been rendered by modifying the parent text. Several passages will be discussed from two angels, first, by analyzing the relationship between Hebrew and Greek (including the issue of the Hebrew text used by the translator) and secondly, by reading the Greek text as it stands. In some cases, the Greek version will be compared with the Aramaic version (Targum) of Isaiah.

Course objectives

See the description.


See timetable Master Religious Studies

Mode of instruction

Seminar (lecture elements, and presentation of short papers, with discussion)

Assessment method

An essay in case one wants to add 5 ECTS extra.


Reading list

To be announced.


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Contact information

Prof. A. van der Kooij