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Independent Study Course


Students opting not to conduct an internship in block 3 of their second year of studies can attend the 10-ECTS seminar European Integration and Europeanization. In addition to this, they attend an independent study course.

The independent study course (5 ECTS) is conducted with a faculty member of the Political Science Department. The faculty member and the student draw up a list of relevant readings on a specific subject, tasks to be conducted (assignments to be handed in) and days/times on which the student(s) and faculty member will meet during the course of block 3. Preferably, the independent study course is closely related to a faculty member’s ongoing academic research. An independent study course may be attended by more than one student simultaneously, but please note that faculty members are not obliged to offer this module. In other words, students need to check with a specific member of the faculty whether he or she is willing to offer this module. The list with tasks and the schedule have to be submitted for approval to the coordinator and the Director of the Department’s teaching programmes, respectively (before the start of block 3).