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Social Judgment and Decision Making


Admission requirements

Research Master’s students


This course provides an overview of findings in (social) psychological research on social judgment and decision-making. We will review work regarding diverse topics, including judgment under uncertainty, positive illusions, social comparison, empathy, anthropomorphism, power, and morality. During the meetings students will present an empirical paper on one of the topics, which will be followed by a discussion. On the basis of the seminar meetings and relevant readings, each student will develop a research proposal, in which students have to provide a specified research question, hypotheses with rationale based on literature reviews, and a proposed research design to test their hypotheses.

Course objectives

The course is designed to (a) enhance students’ understanding of the concepts, methods, and research findings central to the study of social judgment and decision making; (b) enhance students’ scientific thinking through reviewing, evaluating, and discussing existing literature on social judgment and decision making; and © enhance students’ students’ research skills through writing a research proposal.


Social Judgment and Decision Making (2010-2011):

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Presentations, discussion questions, research proposal

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Reading list

A selection of journal articles.


Introduction and enrolment for courses of the first semester will take place in 2 September2010. Introduction and enrolment for courses of the second semester will take place in January 2011. More information will be available at the website of the Institute of Psychology.

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Dr. W. W. van Dijk
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