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Presenting your Research


Admission requirements

The course is available for students in their second year of the Research Master. However, for students who started with the master program in February, special arrangements will be made if they prefer to follow this course in the first year of their master studies. This course is focused on presenting your own research, including your own data, in an oral presentation and on a poster.


The course consists of both plenary (3) and subgroup sessions (4). In the first three plenary sessions the general background to giving an effective presentation and making a good poster will be sketched. Students will be taught a specific structure for their talks, which will be intensively trained by means of practical exercises in the subgroup sessions to allow for optimal feedback.

Course objectives


  • how to present your research

  • how to structure your oral presentation

  • how to deal with questions from the audience

  • how to give a presentation in proper academic English, and

  • how to present your research on a poster.


Presenting your Research (2010-2011):

Mode of instruction

Plenary lectures (3). Thereafter sessions (4) in small subgroups, in which students will give presentations themselves and will receive feedback on their presentations.

Assessment method

Oral presentations during the subgroup sessions, as well as poster presentation at the Wetenschapsmiddag Psychology.

From January 1, 2006 the Faculty of Social Sciences has instituted the Ephorus system to be used by instructors for the systematic detection of plagiarism in students’ written work. Please see the information concerning fraud .


Course materials consist of several documents with background information as well as the instructors’ presentations, and will be available on Blackboard. Information on

Reading list

Participants are supposed to take notes during the lectures. Instructors’ lectures will be posted on Blackboard.


Introduction and enrollment for courses of the second semester will take place in January 2009. More information will be available on the website of the Institute of Psychology.

No exam in this course

Contact information

Drs. C.E. Smit
Room 4A53A
Tel.: +31 (0)71 527 4892