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Environment and Development


Admission requirements


This course is offered specifically within the ASEP (ASEAN Society, Economy and Politics) track of the MA programme in Southeast Asian Studies. It presents the major topics in the field of environment and development in insular and mainland Southeast Asia using relevant theories from various disciplines such as ecology, economy, demography, geography and anthropology. General lectures are combined with case studies based on first-hand field work experience.

Course objectives

To become familiar with the current discourse on environment and development in Southeast Asia and to practice reporting, both orally and in writing, on environmental matters.


  • Time: Wednesdays from 3 February to 26 May 2010, 15-17 h

  • Place: Pieter de la Court Building (Wassenaarseweg 52),
    3 February: room SA 29
    10 February: rooom SA 09
    17 february – 17 March: rooom SA 35
    24 March – 26 May: room 1A 03


Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Oral presentations and essay.


Reading list

To be announced.

Contact information

Prof. dr. G.A. Persoon,


Specific topics include transformation in agricultural production, notably the ‘Green Revolution’, patterns of resource extraction, forestry and fisheries, estate agriculture, protection of biodiversity, environmental legislation and movements as well as the relationship between tourism and ecology. General lectures will cover all ASEAN member states and a range of case studies will draw on developments in individual countries.