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Graduate Seminar


Admission requirements


This seminar is organized once every month. It is compulsory for PhD candidates and research master students to attend all meetings. In addition to these categories of people staff members of the Institute for History are invited to participate.

Main goal of the Graduate Seminar is to examine issues and questions pertaining to historical research which is or has been conducted in the Institute for History. Discussions are meant to generate useful and stimulating input particularly for PhD candidates and research master students. Attending the graduate seminar forms part of their training as a historian.

Course objectives

Acquisition and exchange of research insights and skills.


Meetings take place on a Wednesday afternoon as a rule nine times a year. Information with regard to the exact date, place and content of the meetings is distributed beforehand via e-mail.


Mode of instruction

Presentations on research problems and research findings, comments by fellow researchers, and academic discussion with peers.

Assessment method


Reading list

In order to prepare for the meetings presenters send a text related to their lecture to the coordinator who forwards this paper to the academic community of the Institute for History.


mw. E.P. Matulessy

Contact information

P.J.J.Meel to


Course load
Nine sessions of one and a half hour each. Reading of papers distributed one week before the actual presentation.