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Admission requirements

To participate in the Bachelor class, the following conditions must be met:

  • The propaedeutic year Informatics, Bioinformatics, Informatics & Economics or DataScience and Artificial Intelligence has been completed; and

  • At the beginning of the spring semester of the current academic year (i.e. mid-January 2024), at least sixty-six (66) ECs have been earned in courses from years two and three of the study (of which at least sixty (60) ECs in Computer Science courses for Computer Science & Economics students: the Rotterdam courses and the integration courses count; for Bioinformatics students: the biology courses count; for Datascience and Artificial Intelligence students: the "psychology courses" count; minor courses do not count for these 60 points); and

  • At that time, at most two of the courses from the fourth semester of the study are missing.
    In exceptional cases, the study advisor can give permission to participate if the second or third condition is not fully met.


Students who would like to do their bachelor project must participate in the Bachelor class.
Information about the bachelor project is already given in the Bachelor class in autumn. The research groups of LIACS present themselves and possible bachelor projects are proposed. In consultation with the moderators of the Bachelor class, the students choose topics and supervisors. During the second semester information is given during the meetings of the bachelor class on topics such as searching for literature, referncing and plagiarism, writing a thesis, presenting, and orientation on masters. The progress of the participants is monitored; Students will create and present a poster on their subject midway through the semester (posterpresentation), and later hold a short oral progress report (midtermpresentation). In principle, the final presentations of the Bachelor's projects are given under the responsibility of the supervisor(s).

Course objectives

The aim of the Bachelor class is on one hand to give the program the opportunity to continue to follow the students in this phase of individual work and on the other hand to offer the students a framework for working on their project and thesis.


You will find the timetables for all courses and degree programmes of Leiden University in the tool MyTimetable (login). Any teaching activities that you have sucessfully registered for in MyStudymap will automatically be displayed in MyTimetable. Any timetables that you add manually, will be saved and automatically displayed the next time you sign in.

MyTimetable allows you to integrate your timetable with your calendar apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and other calendar apps on your smartphone. Any timetable changes will be automatically synced with your calendar. If you wish, you can also receive an email notification of the change. You can turn notifications on in ‘Settings’ (after login).

For more information, watch the video or go the the 'help-page' in MyTimetable. Pleas note: Joint Degree students Leiden/Delft have to merge their two different timetables into one. This video explains how to do this.

Mode of instruction

Regular meetings in which discussions are held with, by and for the participants. Anyone working on a Bachelor's project must participate in the Bachelor's class. Attendance is mandatory.

Assessment method

As part of the Bachelor class students write a research proposal which is approved with a pass by the supervisor, and give a midterm presentation which is approved with a pass by the Bachelor class moderators. The participants conclude their bachelor file with a public presentation of their project. The mark for the Bachelor's project and the accompanying report (Bachelor's thesis) is determined after this presentation by the supervisors, not by the moderators of the Bachelor class.

Reading list

Does not apply.


From the academic year 2022-2023 on every student has to register for courses with the new enrollment tool MyStudymap. There are two registration periods per year: registration for the fall semester opens in July and registration for the spring semester opens in December. Please see this page for more information.

Please note that there is no joint assessment moment for Bachelor project/Bachelor class. So you don't have to register for that either.
This means that you only need to register for the lectures (4032BDI15H). By registering for these lectures, you will gain access to the associated brightspace page.

Extensive FAQ on MyStudymap can be found here.


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