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Data Mining


Admission requirements

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Data mining tries to extract interesting patterns from large amounts of data. In this course, a number of basic concepts from statistics will first be discussed and then the following topics will be discussed:

  • Underlying principles of data mining algorithms and their application: data collection, visualization, data analysis and uncertainty.

  • Data mining: algorithms, models and patterns, scoring functions, search and optimization methods, descriptive modelling, classification, regression.

  • Data mining problems from practice.

  • Programming assignments are part of the lecture.

Course objectives

The aim is to gain insight into the data mining process and being able to apply data mining algorithms and tools.


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Mode of Instruction

Written exam.

Assessment method

The final grade is determined by three components:

  • a final multiple-choice exam (70% of the course grade).

  • an individual practical assignment in the form of a machine learning competition (15% of the course grade). The grade for the assignment is determined based on the student’s success in the competition, with participation leading to at least a 6.

  • an individual practical assignment (15%) using the RapidMiner platform.

In order to pass the course, all three components need to have a grade of at least a 5 and the weighted average needs to be at least 5.5. Graded components from previous year can be carried over to this year upon request. No grade will be registered in uSis until all three components are completed with at least a 5. For each component, a regular re-sit opportunity exists.

Reading list

  • Data Mining. Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (Third Edition), Morgan Kaufmann, January 2011, ISBN 978-0-12-374856-0.


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