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Reflection Annual Diversity & Inclusion Symposium


Admission requirements

Second or third year students of the Honours College FSW programme could follow this course.


Leiden University has identified Diversity and Inclusion as core values of our community. Being open to diversity and ensuring an inclusive academic environment is a collective effort which takes place in all spaces of our community. We are definitely not there yet but at the same time, important steps are being made. The annual Diversity and Inclusion Symposium organised by Leiden University is an important moment to look back, reflect, and get inspired.

Course objectives

This course provides an opportunity to dive into the broad theme of Diversity & Inclusion through the scope of the symposium and within the disciplinary context of the organizing faculty. By attending the lectures, workshops and panel discussions during the symposium, by reading scientific articles, by joining our preparatory and reflective meeting, and by reflecting on your own ‘social fields’ and experiences you will:

  • enhance your awareness of the omnipresent diversity around you and the importance of more inclusive communities;

  • enrich your social scientific perspective by approaching the topics from a disciplinary point of view (depending on the organizing faculty);

  • learn from the experiences and viewpoints of the attendees of the symposium as well as your fellow students within this course;

  • reflect on the ever changing world around you and on your own position within this discourse as well as your own experienced realities.


The 'shared transferable skills’ predominantly covered in this course are shown in bold:

(Meta-)cognitive (Researching) Interpersonal (Collaborating) Intrapersonal (Reflecting)
Analysing Oral communication Independent learning
Generating solutions Written communication Resilience
Project-based working Presenting
Digital skills Societal awareness

Mode of instruction

It is composed from the following components:

  • Attendance of the preparatory meeting

  • Attendance of the symposium

  • Attendance of the reflective meeting

  • Reading scientific articles

  • Reflecting on the insights from the symposium and summarizing them in one PowerPoint sheet which you will present during our reflective meeting

  • Final Reflection


Monday 9 January 2023 - 18:00 - 20:00 hrs, Pieter de la Courtbuilding, room 1B01: Preparation meeting
Monday 30 January 2023 - 18:00 - 20:00 hrs, Pieter de la Courtbuilding, room 1B01: Reflection meeting on the Annual Diversity and Inclusion Symposium


To be announced.




This course can be followed online or on campus (Leiden).


  • Your Presentation during the reflective meeting has to be sufficiently prepared, presented and it has to be accompanied by one sheet containing the core of what you learned (for specifics, see course manual).

  • Your Reflection needs to include the required elements (see course manual) and it needs to showcase the different elements of the course (symposium, reading, reflective meeting).


You receive an invitation and registration form for this course from the Honours College FSW. You will be registered in uSis by the Student Services Centre (SSC).

You also have to register for the symposium separately.

Contact information

Nadia Mansouri ( and
Dr. Janita Ravesloot (