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Projectcase I


Admission requirements

You are supposed to follow the courses of the first semester at the same time.


In this project case the practical guide of a PHM approach will be applied to a group of complex patients, known as hotspotters. The students will apply the various aspects successively, aligned with the courses taught in those weeks. In the first four weeks (during the course Fundamentals), the essentials of PHM will be applied, the next four weeks (during the course Study Design), a study design will be created and a first data analysis will be performed. During the third four weeks (during the course Health and Health Behaviour), the health status and health behaviour of the hot spotters is analyzed using qualitative research methods. In the fourth four weeks (during the course Governance) students are challenged to describe the network of stake holders and their interests. In the last four weeks students are integrating different data aspects that are taugth in the course Responsible data analysis into their project.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student:

  • can apply the principals of PHM to a real life case

  • understands the contribution and interrelatedness of the various disciplines to PHM

  • demonstrates the ability to work together in a project case


The timetable is published on the LUMC website ( or can be found via the LUMC scheduling app.

Mode of instruction

Group work

Assessment method

In the on-campus week of each course, the students will present a part of their assignment (the part related to the specific parallel course), which all needs to be passed with a ‘sufficient’ mark. The group assignment consists of both an oral presentation and a written assignment.

The final grade
The final grade for the course is established by (i) the weighted average mark combined with (ii) additional requirements. These additional requirements generally relate to one or more of the subtests, which need to be sufficient. During each on-campus week, students need to either pass a go/no-go moment or get a ‘sufficient’ mark on the subpresentation of their work.

If the result is less than 5,5 or if the student didn’t participate in one of the components, the student is given the opportunity to resit the assessment as one assignment that covers all the learning goals of the course.

A final grade of 5,5 minimum is considered sufficient.

Reading list

The reading list can be found on Brightspace. The material consists of scientific articles. There is no need to purchase literature, as the presented material is not commercialized.


Registration must be completed via MyStudyMap. Registration in MyStudyMap gives you automatic access to the course in Brightspace. For more information, please visit the Leiden University website for students.


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This course is a combination of online education and on campus education at Leiden University Campus The Hague.