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Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law (Leiden)


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In the wake of the Corona-crisis, thousands of companies suddenly found themselves in a dire situation. Some of them will eventually survive, others will unfortunately end up in bankruptcy.
What are the critical factors of success in turning a company around and what are the pitfalls? What is the role of each individual stakeholder within this process? What are theoretical foundations of turnaround management and bankruptcy law, and how does it work in practice?
These are only a few of the questions that will be addressed in the challenging course Turnaround Management & Bankruptcy Law (TMBL) which is very topical now.

Course objectives

Course objectives
By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to read, evaluate and interpret turnaround management theory and company-related information in order to identify and explain the nature of business failure.

  • Formulate a well-organized assessment of a turnaround situation.

  • Apply the necessary scientific principles and practical tools to help solve a complex turnaround situation.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify complex financial and stakeholder issues in turnaround and bankruptcy situations.

  • Understand the turnaround challenges SME entrepreneurs face in practice.

  • Practice professional behaviour.


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Mode of instruction


  • Number of lectures: 6

  • Names of lecturers: Prof. dr. J.A.A. Adriaanse

  • Lectures are taught in English.

Seminars ("werkgroepen")

  • Number of seminars: 6

  • includes multiple individual assignments

  • Names of instructors: Prof. dr. J.A.A. Adriaanse

  • Seminars are taught in English.

Note: this is a blended learning course.

Assessment method

  • The course will result in a final, exam and an assignment. The exam grade will count for 40% of the final grade. The individual assignments will count for 60%.

  • In order to pass the course, it is required to pass the exam with a minimum grade of 5,5. The grades for the assignments will remain valid for 2 academic years.

Areas to be tested within the exam
All the content of the lectures is part of the examination, together with the compulsory study materials indicated on Brightspace and the course manual.

Regulation retake passed exams
In this course it is possible to retake an exam that has been passed (cf. art. and further of the Course and Examination Regulations), on the condition that this course is not included in the minor. Students who have passed the exam may retake the final written assessment (test) of the course if they meet certain requirements. To retake a passed exam, students need to ask the Student Administration Office (OIC) for permission. For more information, go to 'course and exam enrollment' > 'permission for retaking a passed exam' on the student website.

Reading list

Obligatory course materials


  • Will be announced on Brightspace.

Course information guide

  • Will be announced on Brightspace.


  • Will be announced on Brightspace.


Check the website under “course and exam enrollment” for information on how to register for the course.

Contact information

  • Coordinator: Prof. J.A.A. Adriaanse;

  • Address: Steenschuur 25 te Leiden (B2.28);

  • Availability: Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 h;

  • Phonenumber: 071- 527 7752;

  • E-mail:


  • Institute: Institute of Tax Law and Economics;

  • Department of Business Studies;

  • Address secretarial: Steenschuur 25 in Leiden (B2.26);

  • Opening hours: Every workday (except for Wednesday) 9.00 - 17.00 h;

  • Telephone secretarial office: 071 527 7851;

  • Email:


In case of (corona)restrictions imposed by the government, this course description is subject to change.