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A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine, part B


Admission requirements

This course is open for all students who successfully finished A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine part A.


Period: 24 January 2022 - 11 March 2022 (7 weekly meetings)

Part A has served as an introduction into the method of a philosophical inquiry. You have experienced a freedom of choice in what we discussed and how. These choices, reflecting your way of thinking, learned you more about different thought processes and perspectives. Part B is a follow up: we will use the methods and communication skills to go further into questions more specific related to biomedicine, opening different points of view on concepts like illness, health and curing. Although there is room to choose topics of your own interest to focus on, there will be an introduction into 3 main topics:

  • Philosophers on the relationship towards our body and related perspectives on curing

  • The impact of scientific language on how we experience reality, especially ourselves

  • Time and our lifespan related to the meaning of life and death

Again, you are invited to challenge your expectations in order to enhance the scope of your vision and possibly that of the science you practice.

Course objectives

The student:

  • Reflects on the relationship between the science they practise, its social context and relevant philosophical questions;

  • Inquires and develops his/her own thoughts (content) and way of thinking (process) and communicates that with others;

  • Is aware of the context of his/her perspective and how to contribute to the philosophical inquiry;

  • Learns to handle fundamental and complicated issues;

  • Shows openness for different perspectives and finds inspirations for his/her own curiosity;

  • Contributes to the philosophical inquiry/discussion by applying the methods and communication skills learned in course A;


All course and group schedules are published on our LUMC scheduling website or on the LUMC scheduling app.

Mode of instruction

Working groups (possibly online).

Assessment method

Participation during the discussions, developing your own inquiry, an essay-assignment and a short presentation.

Reading list

Will be distributed by the teacher during the course.


Registration for FOS courses, H2W, Scientific Conduct, Course on Lab Animal Sciences and CRiP takes place in lottery rounds in the beginning of July. After the lottery rounds: if you want to register for a course you are kindly asked to contact the student administration at



Maximum number of participants is 12.

ECT: 1

Tutor/Coordinator: drs. J. Monshouwer