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Diagnostics in Clinical Neuropsychology


Important Note

  • All Semester II bachelor and master psychology courses and examinations (2020-2021) will be offered in an on-line format.

  • If it is safe and possible to do so, supplementary course meetings may be planned on-campus. However, attendance at these meetings will not be required to successfully complete Semester II courses.

  • All obligatory work groups and examinations will be offered on-line during Central European Time, which is local time in the Netherlands.

  • Information on the mode of instruction and the assessment method per course will be offered in Brightspace, considering the possibilities that are available at that moment. The information in Brightspace is leading during the Corona crisis, even if this does not match the information in the Prospectus.

Entry requirements

Mandatory course for CNP, open to all CNP Master students.


This course provides theoretical foundations in the clinical neuropsychological assessment and diagnostic work-up of cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral consequences as result of (possible) neurological or neuropsychiatric disease in adolescent, adult and elderly patients. All instructors are (clinical) neuropsychologists working in the (academic) health service. The course involves 6 lectures addressing the following content domains: Dementias, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, MS and Epilepsy.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:
1. have detailed theoretical understanding of the affective, behavioral and cognitive manifestations of diseases of the central nervous system, particularly those affecting the brain, during lifespan.
2. have basic professional skills for competent professional practice of neuropsychological assessment and report.
3. have knowledge of the ethical guidelines and are able to apply them in Diagnostics.


For the timetables of your lectures, work group sessions, and exams, see the timetables page of your study programme. You will also find the enrolment codes here. Psychology timetables

Course registration

Students need to enroll for lectures and work group sessions.


Students are not automatically enrolled for an examination. They can register via uSis from 100 to 10 calendar days before the date. Students who are not registered will not be permitted to take the examination. Also, presence at work groups is mandatory. If more than 1 lecture or working group is missed without a valid reason, you will not be permitted to take the examination.

Mode of instruction

6 lectures (2 hours each)

8 workgroups (5x2hours, 3x3hours)

In 3 workgroup sessions groups of max 3 students practice with neuropsychological test material in combination with self-study prior to the work group (web lectures, articles, manuals that will be provided for). Teachers will give instructions and/or answer questions at the beginning and the end of the work group.

In 5 workgroup sessions the students get acquainted with observing patients, taking anamnesis, interpreting test results, writing a report/conclusion and conducting a simple result interview with a patient. Role playing, observation and analysis of test reports will be used as teaching methods.

Assessment method

50% Exam – 40 MC questions (course objective 1)

35% test final work group (week 8): observation assignment and writing conclusion (course objective 2 and 3)

15% class participation (course objective 2 and 3)

Students will have to receive a passing grade for all three elements combined. The exam grade should be 5.0 or higher for each individual element.

Reading list

  • Lezak 5th edition

  • NIP richtlijnen beroepscode

  • Online documentation

Contact information

Dr. D.M.J. van den Heuvel

Dr. M.H.G. Claessen