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Academic writing (AWR)


Admission requirements

This course is obligatory for all MSc students Chemistry and all MSc students Life Science & Technology.
The course Academic Writing is taught at least three times in the academic year 2020-21.


A good scientist will never be a great scientist without the ability to explain their work to other scientists. Therefore, it is vital that students learn to report on their work with easy to read manuscripts in proper academic English, with a clear and logical structure.
In this course, students learn the essential writing skills for communicating scientific results. The principles are covered in lectures and put into practice with exercises during lectures and in homework assignments. To test the skills acquired in this course, two writing assignments are handed in and graded. These are an introduction to a research paper and a mini literature review. Students improve their texts based on feedback from the lecturer and peer-review sessions.

Course objectives

At the end of the course students

  • can critically read scientific literature

  • know the structure of a scientific paper and the function of each section

  • can use logical structure to build their narrative

  • can write a piece of scientific text using proper academic English

  • apply the correct ways to source, use and cite scientific literature

  • can review and edit their own and their peers’ work


Schedule information can be found on the website of the programmes. Assignment deadlines are communicated via Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

AWR consists of two modules of equal study load. Module 1 consists of lectures with associated assignments and is assessed with assignment 1. Module 2 is all self-study and consists of online modules and writing a mini literature review (assignment 2).

Assessment method

Final assessment is based on two writing assignments.

  • assignment 1 (introduction): 30%

  • assignment 2 (literature review): 70%

Attendance at lectures/workshops, completion of homework and participation in peer review is mandatory.

Reading list

All literature will be made available on Brightspace:

  • Papers from the literature

  • Slides presented during the lectures

  • Background reading materials


Register for this course via uSis
Students are required to sign up for one of the editions of module 1 in Brightspace. Further information about this registration is available on the AWR Brightspace page.


Miriam Moester