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Werkgroep Vorm en Betekenis


Admission requirements

Syntax 1 & Syntax 2
Semantics 1 & Semantics 2


In this seminar we examine a phenomenon within the syntax-semantics interface. During the first part of the course, we read and discuss the most important articles related to the chosen phenomenon so that students can get acquainted with the issues and analyses of the phenomenon, as well as how theorists approach such linguistic phenomena. In the second part of the course, students choose subparts of the phenomenon to study, either in their own language or in a different language. They report their findings in class and subsequently write up their findings in an academic article.

Course objectives

  • Students learn to read first-hand articles in an advanced level.

  • Students learn to define research questions in the area of syntax-semantics interface.

  • Students learn to conduct research in their own language or in a different language and write up an academic paper.


Linguistics (BA)

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total course load of 5 x 28 hours= 140 hours

  • Lectures: 26

  • Study of compulsory literature: 30

  • Conduct research (including extra literature): 74

  • Paper writing: 10

Assessment method


Written paper


20% presentation
80% final paper


Students can resit the final paper.

Exam review

How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.


Complusory reading list will be posted on Blackboard

Reading list

To be determined on the basis of the topic chosen.


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.

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