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General Research Skills


Admission requirements

A signed research project agreement must be showed at the start of the research project.

Contact information

Coördinator: H.G.J. van Mil


General Research Skills (GRS) and the bachelor research project are the first acquaintance of students with the independent design and implementation of scientific research. During General Research Skills all successive aspects of scientific research, from formulating a research question to the analyses of data, reporting and presenting of the results will be addressed. The GRS educational elements are an integral part of the bachelor research project in which the topics attended to in GRS keep pace with the timing of the research project.

Learning goals

Course objectives:
All aspects of scientific research, including formulating a research question, design of an experiment, data analysis and dissemination of the results.

Final qualifications:
The student knows how to design, reflect and implement a research project, how to analyze and represent data, and how to write a report.


From 3 February 2020 to 21 February 2020. The detailed timetable will be placed on Blackboard.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, tutorials, assignment and e-modules.

Assessment method

Weighted average of a graded assignments (15%), written exam (70%), score labjournal (15%). All partial grades need to be greater than 5.5.
Exam can be reviewed and discussed during a class session, assignments can be reviewed in person.


Blackboard will be used for communication, lectures summaries, screencasts, handouts and blog.

Reading list

A handout accompanies the course together with a set of chapters from the Springer-link library will be published on blackboard. These chapters can be downloaded for free using your ULCN account.


via Usis and enroll in Blackboard

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for more information on how to apply.