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European Union: Integration and Disintegration



This course aims to introduce students into the European Union and focuses in particular on the theme ‘Integration’ and ‘Disintegration’. Research on European integration has traditionally started off with the question ‘why integrate’. This course will provide a brief introduction of the history of European integration, build on the body of literature that theorises why integrate, examine various issues around contemporary governance and policy-making and will close with an assessment of pressures towards differentiation and disintegration (including Brexit). The course is devoted to both theoretical analysis as well as current events.

Course Objectives

Learning outcomes include:

  • Intermediate understanding of European Union integration and politics

  • Research skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Writing Skills

  • Presentation Skills

Mode of Instruction


Course Load

14 seminar sessions
rest studying and researching to prepare the seminar sessions and the assignmentsBla

Assessment Method

The assessment of the course will be based on

Presentation (literature): 20%
Reaction Paper 20%
Paper proposal 10%
Final paper: 50%


One textbook:
Antje Wiener, Tanja A. Borzel, and Thomas Risse (eds) European Integration Theory (Third Edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019.
Additional readings that will be in the library or made available through Blackboard.

Readings must be done in advance of come to class.


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This course is earmarked for the specializations IP and PPD