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Research Skills and Introduction Bachelor Project


Admission Requirements



This course will prepare you and support you in carrying out your Bachelor Research Project, which is the final part of your degree. A series of crash-courses and short sessions (run by local experts) will touch upon the core skills that are necessary for you to finish your research project successfully.

Additionally, this course offers the opportunity to share your research experiences with your fellow students. This can help you to tackle problems encountered during your project and it provides a broad overview of the research performed within the institute.

The course runs during the entire third year of your bachelor. It consists of a poster session during which you obtain information about the available projects, a week of crash courses preceding your bachelor project and biweekly meetings for the duration of your project. The sessions will cover:

  • Labwork & safety

  • Briefing by Technical support departments

  • Basic lab skills

  • Error analysis

  • Project management

  • Data management

  • Library use & Searching for literature

  • Reading literature and extracting useful information

  • Academic writing

  • Popular science communication

  • CV writing and job application

  • Research Presentations

In order to pass you need to complete the Safety drill and the fire extinguishing drill, attend all sessions, turn in all assignments, and give the required presentations.

Course objectives

The goals of this course are threefold. The first goal is to let you acquire the soft skills as listed below. The second goal is to help you with difficulties that can occur during your bachelor project. The third goal is to give you an overview of the research being done in the institute.

Generic skills (soft skills)

After this course you will be able to:

  • Work safely and independently in a lab environment

  • Identify and relate with the key support departments of a lab

  • Manage a ~20 week research project

  • Perform a structured search for scientific literature

  • Efficiently obtain from scientific literature what you need for your research

  • Manage research data and write a data management plan

  • Analyze experimental errors

  • Write in proper Academic English

  • Present your research to a specialized audience



Mode of instruction

Tutorials, exercises, own presentations

Assessment method

The course is Pass/Fail.

To pass, you need to: -Attend all sessions in week 6 (full week)
-Attend all subsequent sessions
-Turn in all assignments.


To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Contact P.S.W.M. Logman Prof.dr.Thomas Schmidt