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Lithuanian (BA)



Students who have not followed the course Language and culture of the Indo-Europeans are advised to purchase and study the reader of that course.

First year’ students BA Linguistics will be enrolled in the seminars of this course by the Education Administration Office. Other students should first contact the coordinator of studies, Else van Dijk


An introduction to the Lithuanian language and its history. Lithuanian, a Baltic language, is the only living language that plays a significant role in the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European. It has many archaic charateristics, especially in its phonology, nominal morphology and syntax. The first half of the course provides a brief introduction to the synchronic phonology and morphology of Lithuanian, which will be illustrated by weekly exercises. During the second half of the course the emphasis is on the history of Lithuanian. We will study its written history and the major phonological and morphological changes that Lithuanian has undergone in its (pre)history.


  • Knowledge of and insight in the structure of the Lithuanian language and its history;

  • Elementary Lithuanian reading skills;

  • Embedding Lithuanian within a wider Indo-European framework.


Linguistics Bachelor


Lecture and seminar


Lectures and seminars: 26 hours
Preparing lectures and seminars: 52 hours
Preparing examinations: 58 hours
Examinations: 4 hours


Written examinations, half-term (50%) and final examination (50%). If the weighted average is insufficient, there is a resit for one or both examinations at the end of the course.


Course materials (slides, exercises) will be distributed through Blackboard


Will be distributed through Blackboard


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For questions about the content of the course, please contact the teacher: Dr. T.C. Pronk

Administration Office van Wijkplaats: van Wijkplaats

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Coordinator of Studies: Else van Dijk