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Essay and Colloquium (LST)



In the research specialisation the student selects a topic for the colloquium & (literature) essay topic in consultation with a colloquium supervisor. The colloquium supervisor is a member of the LIC staff but cannot be the student’s mentor. The subject of the essay & colloquium is chosen within the field of Life Sciences or Chemistry but may not be directly related to the student’s research training project. The essay & colloquium should be based on recent literature, giving a critical review of scientific literature describing actual information, but also may include an outlook. Every MSc student is required to attend at least 10 colloquia of fellow MSc students of the various research themes during their MSc period. As proof of attendance, the chairman of the colloquium signs the student’s colloquium attendance list.
The colloquium & essay comprises two parts:

  • A written essay of 10-15 pages (3000 - 4000 words).

  • A colloquium of 20-25 minutes, including 5-10 minutes of discussion.

The colloquium & essay should contain at least the following basic elements:

  • Introduction and scope

  • Review of the topic

  • Conclusion and outlook

Course objectives

At the end of the literature study and after the presentation students have learned to:

  • find recent literature relevant to the chosen topic

  • summarize and give an overview of the relevant aspects of the topic

  • write a clear, well-structured and concise review of the matter under study

  • identify and cite key contributors to the field

  • demonstrate understanding of the specific research subject

  • recognize the current state of research in the field (frontier of science)

  • critically discuss scientific literature

  • will be able to give an attractive presentation of the essay

  • will be able to answer questions and engage in discussion concerning the topic

Mode of instruction

Self-study, discussions with supervisor.

Assessment method

Written essay and oral presentation. Attendance list of at least 10 colloquia.