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Bio(medical) Informatics (BMI)


Biomedical Informatics
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Core course in MSc Life Science and Technology, elective course MSc Chemistry

Admission requirements

BSc in LST or similar program, the candidates should have basic knowledge in bioinformatics


Main topics: Computational analysis of genomic data (genome assemblies, genome-scale alignments, genomic context analysis, SNP data analysis). Evolution and diversity of human genome. Medical Genomics (biomarker identification, epigenetics, disease-associated genes, human pathogen data, gut metagenomics). Computational analysis of biopolymers (structure predictions, biomolecular engineering, functional annotation of proteins, protein design). Cheminformatics, data mining of biologically active compounds, searching for drugs and drug targets.

At the end of the course students:

  • will have knowledge of fundamental principles in bioinformatics

  • will have knowledge of fundamental principles in genomics

  • will be able to analyse genomic data using bioinformatics tools

  • will be able to use bioinformatics approaches, databases and tools for problems in clinical and practical medicine

  • can digest and present a summary of a scientific article from the literature, analyse genomic data reported in a scientific article

  • will have knowledge of the societal relevance of bioinformatics for the analysis of biomedical problems.

Mode of instruction

Lectures accompanied by bioinformatic assignments and their analysis.




Schedule information can be found on the website of the programmes


Lecture notes with the list of references and Internet resources, distributed at the start of the course; slides presented during the lectures.


Written examination (80%) and assignments (20%)

Contact Information

Dr. A. P.Gultiaev


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