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Modern Organic Chemistry (MOC)


Modern Organic Chemistry
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Modern Organic Chemistry

The course consists of problem-solving sessions, rather than formal lectures. In weekly sessions, the structure and reactivity of organic compounds are discussed. Students prepare for these sessions by studying selected chapters from Organic Chemistry textbooks, as well as selected relevant papers from the literature.

Course objectives

After the course the student should be able to:

  • Understand modern organic transformations;

  • Understand transition metal catalyzed organic transformations;

  • Understand and apply modern concepts in organic chemistry (e.g. diversity oriented synthesis, organocatalysis)

  • Prediction of the structure of the product of modern organic reactions;

  • Design a synthetic route as part of a total synthesis of a complex molecule;

  • Understand a synthetic organic chemistry publication from recent literature;


Handouts (via Blackboard) and one organic chemistry book of choice, for example: Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition, Clayden, Greeves and Warren.

Assessment method

Literature essay on one recent research publication
Written exam (“open book”)

Expected Background

Basic knowledge of organic chemistry (BSc in Molecular Science and Technology, Life Science and Technology, Chemistry or a related discipline).

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