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Modern Chinese Literature and Exile


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Literature in exile and exile in literature are of all times and places. Chinese examples abound, from antiquity to the present day. What does an exile perspective – theoretical, literary-textual, sociological – tell us about modern Chinese literature and its social, political, and cultural contexts? Is this a ‘Chinese’ story, or is it universal?

Course objectives

  • familiarity with the broad contours of modern Chinese literature

  • in-depth understanding of the exile experience in this literature and at large

  • reflection on the above two points within an area studies framework

  • development of graduate-level academic skills such as reading and listening critically and analytically; formulating research q uestions; identifying, evaluating and organizing information; oral and written presentation; awareness of methodological, theoretical, and practical issues


The timetable is available on the Asianstudies website

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Course Load

Total course load 10 EC x 28 hours = 280 hours

  • Class sessions (13 X 2 hrs) = 26 h

  • Preparation (13 x 8) = 104 h

  • Brief written work (three position papers) = 30 h

  • Oral presentations (two presentations) = 40 h

  • Term paper = 80 h

Assessment method

  • Three brief position papers for a total of 30% of the final mark

  • Two oral presentations for a total of 30% of the final mark

  • One term paper for 40% of the total mark

Exam Review

Students may request an oral elucidation of the assessment within 30 days after publication of the grade.


Blackboard will be used for:

  • Course material, as applicable

  • Uploading assignments

Reading list

The course material is available from the University Library (including a number of items on reserve), and from the World Wide Web. The MCLC Resource Center is an excellent website on modern Chinese literature ( Prior to the first class session, students should acquaint themselves with the MCLC literature bibliographies.


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Prof. dr. Maghiel van Crevel