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Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western society. Atherosclerosis, a progressive inflammatory disease that is hallmarked by an accumulation of lipids and fibrous tissue in the large arteries, is the main pathology underlying cardiovascular disease and represents the primary research focus of the LACDR division of Biopharmaceutics. This course will give more insights into the mechanisms and ontogenesis of atherosclerosis. Special emphasis will be put on the contribution of inflammatory processes and lipid fluxes in the development of atherosclerotic lesions. Also, the clinical end-points of atherosclerosis and therapeutic strategies to treat atherosclerosis will be discussed.


Prof. dr. Johan Kuiper and dr. Ilze Bot.

Admission requirement

Students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Mode of instruction

Lectures and literature study.

Reading list

Will be announced during the lectures.

Course objectives

  • Students are able to describe and explain the inflammatory processes underlying atherosclerosis pathology.

  • Students are able to describe and explain the metabolic dysregulations in lipid fluxes underlying atherosclerosis pathology.

  • Students are able to describe and explain the clinical end-points of atherosclerosis.

  • Students are able to describe various therapeutic strategies used to treat atherosclerosis, and are able to explain the mechanism of action of these therapies.

  • Students are able to design experimental setups to study a specific aspect of atherosclerosis pathology or treatment.

  • Students are able to read scientific literature, and can critically reflect on the rational and experimental approach of the study as well as on the results presented and conclusions drawn by the authors.

  • Students are able to present a scientific research paper to peers.

Assessment method

Written exam.


The lecture series is taught in November.


For information, please contact Dr. Ilze Bot (e-mail:, tel. 071-527 6076) or Prof. dr. Johan Kuiper (e-mail:, tel. 527 4378).
Application via uSis. Registration closes 1 month before the start of the course.


A minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 43 master students applies to this course.