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Teksten Perzisch 2


Please note: The course information for next academic year has not yet been updated. Below you will find the course information from last academic year. As soon as we have an update we will immediately change this information.

Admission requirements

Grammatica Perzisch 3, Media Persian.


This course provides an introduction to major cultural texts of historical, literary, and political figures in Iran.
There will be 3 themes in which the texts are selected:
1. Literature
2. History
3. Media

This seminar course will meet once weekly, whereby we will review, discuss, and analyze the texts assigned for that week. Preparing for these classes is obligatory, because students have to translate and prepare presentations for the assigned texts.

Course objectives

  • Enhanced understanding of different forms of written Persian

  • Improved reading and translation skills

  • Knowledge and comprehension of different subject matters in Persian culture



Mode of instruction

Seminar. Presence of students is mandatory. Absence must be notified in advance to the lecturer. If a student is absent the lecturer will assign an alternative assignment. If the student does not meet the above mentioned conditions, he or she is awarded an insufficient grade and should follow the course again.

Course Load

Hours spent on attending classes: (13 × 2 hours=) 26 hours
Preparation of classes: (12 × 4 hours=) 48 hours
Presentations: 26 hours
Mid-term paper: 20 hours
Final paper: 20 hours
Total: 140 hours

Assessment method

  • Presentations (20%)

  • Mid-term paper 1000-1100 words (20%)

  • Final paper 2000-2200 words (30%)

  • Active participation and preparation (30%).

The final paper is written in two stages: a first version which will be commented on and a final version. Students who do not meet the deadline for the first version will lose the right to get comments and will only be graded based on their final version.

Reading list

Readings will be announced or distributed via Blackboard.




A. Ghodratzadeh MA