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Career Orientation


Admission requirements

Bachelor. Admission to the Master Biomedical Sciences


You are at the start of your master programme. You probably already have found out that, in contrast to many bachelor programmes, planning of the master programme Biomedical Sciences in Leiden is done by you. The programme is not set in stone, but consists of a variety of courses and internships. Choices have to be made and supervisors for internships have to be contacted. During your master you will acquire of lot of knowledge on subjects such as genetics, immunology, neuroscience and/or molecular biology etc. etc., all depending on the subjects you choose. Each student will make his/her choices and will become an expert on his/her combination of subjects. But all students will also work on competences such as logical thinking, creativity, perseverance, communication and personal development. These will give you important skills that will help you in your further career and can be used in numerous and divers ways. At the end of the master you will enter the job market. The activities within Career orientation are meant to help you find your way to the start of your career after the master. This start should not feel like a step into the unknown, but it should be a logical follow-up of your activities in the master. The course stimulates you to undertake a variety of activities that will help you decide what to do with your master degree and to make a success of your start on the job market!

Course objectives

During the course students:

  • identify and reflect on their career and lifestyle preferences

  • learn what they can offer the world of work and what it can offer them

  • think broadly about career options and patterns of work

  • actively pursue career ideas

  • learn about actions they can take to start a career and to enter the job market after obtaining their master degree

Mode of instruction

Instructions are provided via the Blackboard module BWmaster: general info. Activities can be undertaken during the whole master programme of the student and students make their own planning of activities.

Assessment method

Portfolio has to be handed in at the end of the master. Pass/no pass.