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Internship Research Paper


Admission requirements

MSc International Relations and Diplomacy students.


Each student in the MSc International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD) programme will conduct an internship in an organization such as an international governmental or non-governmental organization, a think tank or another institute working in the domain of international relations, international organisation or diplomacy. In the internship research paper, students explore activities of the organisation on the basis of academic work.

Course objectives

The internship aims to familiarize students with the work of an international organisation, think tank, governmental or non-governmental organization that is conducting activities in the domain of international relations or diplomacy. With the internship research paper, students reflect on, and evaluate, relevant developments related to the organisation in which they conduct their internship.



Mode of instruction

Students actively engage with the work of an organization by conducting an internship. In the course of the internship, students write an internship research paper between 3500 and 4500 words in length.

Course Load

5 EC

Assessment method

  • Internship research proposal: 30%

  • Internship research paper: 70%

Details for submitting papers (deadlines) are posted on Blackboard.


Relevant information on the MIRD internship research paper is available on the Blackboard internship course site.

Reading list



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Dr. Jaroslaw Kantorowicz


Based on the course internship(10EC), the students will write this research paper, which will be graded.