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Managing People (PE)


This course is part of the 9 ects course Behavioural Decision Making, Managing People and Organising. This course is removed from the 2017-2018 curriculum and was organised in the spring of 2017. Only the Managing People part has moved to August/September 2017. You must take this part if you already have taken BDM and Org; this part is organised for the last time in the fall of 2017!

Admission requirements

Students should have taken part 1 Behavioral Decision Making an part 2 Organising before they can take part 3 Managing People.


The core of Human Resource Management (HRM) is the recognition of the value of employees for organisational success, which is often defined in terms of creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Selection, development and socialisation of employees become core activities of personnel management. Such practices are no longer seen as tasks that are the responsibility of a separate personnel department, but they become part of top management’s personnel strategy.

In this course, we will discuss several theories behind commonly used HRM practices, we will talk about the link between HRM and firm performance, and we will interactively explore the link between theory and practice.

The course is structured around several HRM topics which are explored both thru theory as well as practice. In each class the students will work together on assignments that forms the basis of their final assignment.

Course objectives

  • Understand how HRM contributes to organizational performance.

  • Understand theoretical basis of commonly used HRM practices.

  • Be able to analyze practical human resource related problems.

  • Recognize HR practices and their effects

  • Awareness of own management style

  • Able to connect science with practice


The schedule can be found on the LIACS website

Detailed table of contents can be found in blackboard.

Mode of instruction

The course combines lectures with interactive workgroups.

Assessment method

Assignment: 70% Examination: 30%



Reading list

‘HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing People’ by Harvard Business Review (2011; ISBN 1422158012) ‘Human Resource Management’ by Sarah Gilmore and Steve Williams (2013); ISBN 0199605483)

Contact information

Programme Co-ordinator


This course is third part of the 9ects course Behavioral Decision Making, Managing People and Organising and can only be taken by the students that already took the first two parts.