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Hittite: Structure and Analysis


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Hittite is the language of the Hittite Empire that ruled over large parts of Anatolia and Syria from 1650-1200 BC. It is attested in some 30,000 pieces of clay tablet excavated in the Hittite capital Hattusa. It is the oldest attested Indo-European language. In this course students are offered a structural and analytical approach to Hittite grammar and texts.

Course objectives

1) Students will be able to independently read Hittite texts.

2) Students with an Assyriological background will be able to read these texts in the cuneiform script.

3) Students with a linguistic background will be able to read these texts in transcription, and will be able to carry out a deep linguistic analysis of the language.


The timetable is available on the “MA Linguistics website”:

Mode of instruction

Students are expected to attend the weekly seminars of the BA course Hittite (5512V2037), where the basic grammar of Hittite is taught.

Students will be given a reading list for self-study.

Tutorials on the topics from the reading list will be given on the basis of students’ needs and interests.

Course Load

  • time spent on attending seminars: 26 hours

  • time preparation of the classes: 39 hours

  • time for the reading list: 25 hours

  • time to prepare for exam: 50 hours

Assessment method

Mid-term exam 30%
Final exam 70%

The final grade consists of weighted average of the above components.

Students who fail one or both of the exams are allowed to make a resit exam.


Yes. Bot the reader and reading list for the course will be available from Blackboard.

Reading list

We will work from a reader as well as a reading list, which both will be available from Blackboard some time before the start of the course.


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