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Molecular Biology (MB2)


Molecular Biology
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This course is a core course for MSc Chemistry students Chemical Biology


The course introduces the students to the elementary aspects of fundamental molecular biology and their applied methods.
The aims are:
1) To give an introduction in cell chemistry and biosynthesis.
2) Basic genetic molecular mechanisms such as chromosomes and genomes are described.
3) Control of gene expression is given including epigenetic aspects.
4) Post-transcriptional processes including protein modifications towards functional proteins are part of the course.
5) Origin of life studies and experimental research of exploring the genetic code and its therapeutic relevance are mentioned in depth.
6) Methods manipulating proteins, DNA and RNA are extensively discussed.
7) Molecular biology lessons to be learned from viruses to humans: A modern toolbox for generating fundamental and applied tools for studying and manipulating cellular processes, are part of the course.
8) The use of micro-organisms in producing chemicals and biologicals in a sustainable way will be discussed.
9) The relevance of studying various fundamental and disease-related molecular processes in in-vitro and in-vivo systems is given.
10) Derailment of molecular processes resulting in diseases such as cancer are given to round-up all previous lectures.


The book “Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th edition by Alberts et al. (ISBN: 978-0-8153-4106-2) will be used. Per lecture a recent scientific review related to a cell biology topic will be discussed.

Assessment method

Writing extended summaries of at least 3 lectures and writing 2 essays of 1500 words each are part of the course exam. Active presence during the lectures is requested.


All students should register to the course on Blackboard. Blackboard will be used as a standard way of communicating with the students.

Expected Background

Cell Biology course of Chemical Biology, master program Chemistry or related courses.

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